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The Management's strategy regarding the Management System  Integrated is characterized by:
  1. The ambition to be professional in all business processes, offering the customer the perception of high quality of their products and services, aiming for excellence

  2. A  culture aimed at promoting continuous improvement of products, services and all activities

  3. The awareness that the achievement of an ever higher quality standard translates into a lower cost and a greater company profit

  4. The constant commitment to the protection and safeguarding of the Environment, the Safety and Health of workers in compliance with the Reference Standards and Laws and the expectations of the interested parties, through the search for new solutions for a constant reduction of pollution

  5. A  continuous commitment of the entire organization to guarantee its collaborators a suitable work environment in compliance with the laws and regulations on safety in the workplace

  6. The intention to satisfy the needs of the Customers determines our activities, through a close relationship of collaboration with the Suppliers

  7. Attention  the improvement of training and skills for all staff

  8. The intention  to involve all staff in the aim of constantly improving the level of services offered in terms of quality, environmental protection and worker safety, by delegating responsibilities, offering the possibility of making suggestions, recognizing the commitment offered

  9. The Company's commitment is aimed at preventing pollution by implementing the environmental management system

The essential role of management in the pursuit of ever greater  efficiency and effectiveness of the Integrated System will be:
  • Provide for defining the strategies relating to the Integrated Management System

  • Provide adequate resources for achieving goals

  • Support the Integrated System Manager through appropriate measures in order to achieve the common goal

    Only the constant pursuit of these objectives will allow our Company to face the market in enhanced conditions of economic competitiveness, safety and efficiency of services.

To achieve this we must:
  • Be all involved and committed to keeping the Company Integrated Management System active and effective in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018 Standards.

  • Promote and disseminate continuous improvement in all phases of the business process, from the procurement of raw materials to technical assistance at the Customer, passing through the various commercial and technical activities

  • Constantly strive to seek technical and procedural solutions aimed at reducing the impact of our activities on water, soil and air

  • Guarantee our commitment to the minimization of waste of energy and resources, and to the minimization of the use of hazardous substances

  • Choose for our staff the technical and operational solutions that involve the minimum risk in the operational phase, equipping them with adequate protection systems

  • Monitor the environmental impacts we generate in order to eliminate them or reduce their significance

  • Guarantee the systematic and preventive assessment of the risks present in the workplace, intervening where necessary in order to eliminate or reduce their incidence

  • Plan and execute our services considering the environment and security as fundamental variables

    In applying these guidelines we must all feel involved, because only by believing all of us, at every level, will we be able to guarantee the proper functioning of the Integrated Management System of CMD Sicurezza Srl .
    During the Management Review, the same will be reviewed to evaluate any changes and / or additions.

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